Wildkraut Energy Sniff:


We’ve got something for you: Wildkraut, the world’s first energy sniff.
Our newly invented mix of selected alpine herbs, which we have refined with caffeine, taurine and guarana, is the ultimate galvanizer! Your wake-up call through your nose.

Stay wild. Stay awake.

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The natural enemy of fatigue:

  • Alpen Home MEISTERWURZThe healing root of the Alps.
  • Gluehbirne Home ROSENWURZThe herb for the powers of recall.
  • Moringa Home MORINGASuperfood for your nose.
  • Kaffeebohne Home NATURAL CAFFEINEFor a full dose of energy.
  • Fluegel Home TAURINECaffeine’s BFF.
  • Blitz Home GUARANAThe strongest natural caffeine supplier.

Rakete 1 HomeQuick

There are many products with an energising effect, but none of them work as quickly as Wildkraut. It gives you a push and focus after just a few minutes. Unlike coffee and energy drinks, which take effect only after 20 to 30 minutes, Wildkraut gives you that extra line of support right when you need it.

Flaeschchen HomeDurable

One bottle of Wildkraut contains more than 20 portions. With this, you can replace many energy drinks and avoid a lot of waste. Great for your wallet and the environment.
One gram of Wildkraut makes BOOOM over 20 times.

Aestchen 1 HomeNatural

We trust in the power of nature and leave the test tubes in the cupboard: Our Wildkraut contains the root power of the Alps (masterwort, golden root), the power of the leaves of moringa and water mint as well as natural caffeine. By the way, the caffeine is extracted from green coffee beans and grinded guarana seeds.


We are the opposite of a lullaby. We rock, we run, we reign. We are the wild ones.
Wildkraut is our secret power bank. It doesn’t matter whether we party through the night, work, study, train….
Be wild not worn out! With Wildkraut.


Are you already sniffing or still drinking?



Try Wildkraut and convince yourself that it works: after getting up, before exercising, during the examination phase or when partying.

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