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Festival Package

Only for pros: 10 packages and a discount of CHF 40,00.

CHF 150,00

Limited availability, current delivery time 7 to 12 days

  • keeps you awake, wide awake
  • takes immediate effect
  • increases concentration and focus
  • for work, sports, parties and hangovers
  • stomach-friendly alternative to energy drinks
  • no tobacco/nicotine
  • sugar-free and vegan
  • laboratory-tested
  • Made in Austria, powered by nature.
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RZ WK Background Flasche 400x195 1 Festival Package

The natural enemies of fatigue:

  • Alpen Festival Package MEISTERWURZThe healing root of the Alps.
  • Gluehbirne Festival Package ROSENWURZThe herb for the powers of recall.
  • Moringa Festival Package MORINGASuperfood for your nose.
  • Kaffeebohne Festival Package NATURAL CAFFEINEFor a full dose of energy.
  • Fluegel Festival Package TAURINECaffeine’s BFF.
  • Blitz Festival Package GUARANAThe strongest natural caffeine supplier.


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